Friday, March 26

Empire Falls Reads

    Our meeting this past week was great. Not only did we not run into our hairstylists, but we also have added another member to our club, making discussion and debate that much more exciting.  We talked about The City of Thieves, which by general consensus was a very good book.  The war, the desperation, and the triumph of the humanity in the book were things that we all had questions and debates over.   We also could understand that this book was written by a screenwriter, because there was a very fast pace and easy read.

    After we talked about the book and enjoyed our chai, we went to see the movie An Education, a movie set in 1960's England depicting a young girl's new relationship.  It has a star studded cast that includes Oscar Nominee Carey Mulligan, Alfred Molina, and Peter Sarsgaard. 

     Our next book is another Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Empire Falls  by Richard Russo.  It tells the tale of a city in central Maine, its economic fall, and the people in the town trying to make it work.  We are meeting on April 10th (not 2 weeks from now, I know), so you should have a LOT of time to get through it.  Just as a warning though, the next meeting after that is on April 17th, just one week after, so if you can, pick up a copy of Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese. 


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